Top VPN services for 2017

Today we will review the best vpn services to keep your data secure during 2017

Top VPN services for 2017

Virtually all services you can easily pay by credit card or PayPal. Please note that you often a automatic payment relationship. If you do not cancel the contract renewed every month, and the monthly fee will not be charged. Fortunately, you can cancel this at any service monthly but you have though yourself. Testing VPN connections is quite a chore. We have therefore to a number of different factors looked in our weighting. First of all, the user experience is very important. We have therefore all clients installed and tested. Under the hood, they work all the same, but the one is more intuitive than the other. In addition, we have looked at the performance. Through available tooling we have bandwidth tests done between a client pc and a server on the internet. This test, we run on a normal cable channels as well as in the data center by Redbee in Amsterdam. There we have a 1Gbit connection and we can also see how the service performs like there a lot of bandwidth. Finally, we looked at the techniques used and the underlying business information. Not all tested services we also discussed in more detail below, you can see the most interesting or different VPN services.

AirVPN has a dominant position in the landscape of secure connections. The crack of the rave reviews on the internet and this has mainly to do with the completeness of service. AirVPN has its own software for Linux, Mac and Windows, but other platforms are supported because OpenVPN software available. There are clients for Android, iOS, and is it even possible to the VPN software to install on a number of internet routers. You need to customize the firmware in your router, but from that moment are all connected computers securely.

AirVPN supports not only the usual OpenVPN connection, it is also possible to OpenVPN to use via a ánder encryption protocol, SSH or SSL. The theory behind this is that the double encryption layer ensures protection from DPI (Deep Packet Inspection, a technique that some Governments use to even the encrypted traffic).

AirVPN is one of the possibilities of configuring remote port forwarding ‘. This allows other users to reach your computer. It is a setting that is convenient for some protocols, such as bittorrent. Are you looking for a provider with an extensive selection of clients or are you looking for solution you can program in your internet router, then AirVPN is the best choice.

The people behind BlackVPN have in 2012 to move their business from the United States decided to Hong Kong. Inspired by the work of the founders of The Pirate Bay and the revelations of Edward Snowden, they were afraid that the American Government would impose rules for tapping the traffic. By their company to move to Hong Kong, they hope to avoid this type of regulation, because Hong Kong is known as a champion of the protection of privacy.

For setting up a VPN over BlackVPN, a user can choose from OpenVPN, PPTP and L2TP over IPSEC. The second option is built into Windows and OS X and thus easy to configure. The support for PPTP is curious, because that protocol has a number of security risks, you want to avoid using the correct a VPN connection. BlackVPN has no own client, but delivers a free license on the excellent Viscosity. The website suggests a good number of clients and also has decent documentation how to set them up. A nice extra that BlackVPN offers is the VPN router, an internet router that completely furnished to all your internet traffic through a VPN connection. Thus do you stop there software installed on your computer. The VPN router is a Cisco E1550 with custom firmware, you can order it via the website.

BlackVPN offers packages at different prices. There are special packages for users who only want to watch tv, especially for users who are looking for privacy, but of course, there is also a ‘ Global’-package that includes all functionality. Are you interested in the out-of-the-box router or do you want to only pay to stream content, then it is BlackVPN worth it. However, it is not the cheapest from the test and the lack of a private client can be an objection.